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ALKA METAL, which we established to present steel and wrought iron with a new generation production approach, continues on its way with the aim of being a pioneer in its field. Combining the knowledge, and experience of the past with new production and modeling methods, ALKA METAL has adopted the principle of production in European standards.

A wide range of semi-finished and finished products such as construction, security materials, barriers, piles, accessories, wrought iron, railings, wall tops, door-window railings, furniture, tables, chairs, benches, fireplace sets, beds and bunk beds, which we produce with our 20-year-experienced team.


Our products reach different parts of the world, especially to France, 
England, Holland and Germany in Europe. As ALKA METAL, we offer high quality and aesthetics together to our users, accepting that aesthetics is an 
indispensable element of modern production, as well as quality 
production at European standards.  

For this purpose, we continue the production process by making separate plans on quality and aesthetics with our teams. We act with the aim of maximizing user satisfaction on this path we set out with the belief that the knowledge and the experience of the past should be combined with a new generation production, management, and marketing approach.

We also know that in today’s societies, art, which is the expression of creativity and imagination, adds more meaning and value to every product. 

In summary; As ALKA METAL, we are moving forward with the aim of maximizing user satisfaction on this path we started by combining our product range, which we are expanding day by day, with the experience of the past, production quality at European standards and artistic production understanding.

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