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Iron is one of the important mines of our life... It is indispensable in almost every field, from health to education, from 
construction to decoration... Ironworking is one of the basic 
sectors with fineness and quality standards.  

As ALKA METAL, it is the contribution it makes to the 
comfort, welfare and satisfaction of the user with the 
production quality and aesthetics that make iron products 
valuable for us. Our main priority is to make a difference in the iron and wrought iron industry, to make you feel the 
quality and difference of ALKA METAL in every 
place and area, from the streets to the houses. We are also 
aware of our social responsibilities. As ALKA METAL, we 
combine our understanding of bringing innovation to the 
sector with our goals of contributing to the country’s 
economy and creating employment. With our experienced team, we are expanding our sharing network with the 
sub-sectors as well as the countries we export to. For us, 
environmentally friendly production technologies are 
As ALKA METAL, while bringing innovation to the iron and 
steel industry, we produce wiıth sustainable manufacturing processes to leave better world for our future generations.  



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